Nature's Language

Nature's Language

Learn to Listen & Aid

By Dale Fox 2018 ©

Stepping into the hidden realms of Plants & Animals.

Did you know that although they both have intricate structures, plants and animals are not nearly as complex as we are!

They communicate and so do we. But we have forgotten how to listen!

This course aims to reconnect us with our fellow earth inhabitants, in order to learn about them and from them.

During this course you will learn easy techniques of communication as well as easy ways of understanding their needs , so that you can help them.


Learn easy techniques of communication.


Be taught a simple way of understanding their needs.


Get given tools on how to help them.


Tortoises live in many habitats, including deserts, grasslands, shrubby areas, and forests.

Felis Domesticus

Cats have soft pads on the bottom of their paws to enable them to move smoothly and run quickly.


Dog play is made up primarily of mock fights.

Connecting with nature is a time honoured way of growing as a person. It has been practiced by ancient cultures who understand the importance of working with rather than against nature. In 2 days you will learn to re-unite with nature in a way that will benefit both you and your nature friends.

Dale Fox

A child of Africa, always close to nature, Dale’s communication work started in earnest in 2004 at the Joshua Baboon Rehabilitation centre in Barrydale, Karoo, South Africa.

Her experiences with Njelo Baboon in particular lead to their story being shown on SABC Television’ program ‘The Healing Power of Nature’.

It also started a journey of communicating and working with horses, orphan elephants and all species of animals and plants across continents.

She realised that simplicity was the key to understanding nature and that we all have these skills but often don’t realise it.

And that Animals are our greatest teachers, and they prompted her to share what she has learnt.

“This is the wisdom of the Ape

Who yelps beneath the Moon –

‘Tis God who made me in His shape

He is a Great Baboon.

And when I die, His loving care

Will raise me from the sod

To learn the perfect Mischief there,

The Nimbleness of God. ~ Roy Cambell


South Africa: R4500

Other Countries: Please inquire for the cost

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