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Interview with Dale Fox, Prof Chris Barnard's Assistant - Heart Transplant in South Africa



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International MindScape Instructor Dale Fox - WHAT IS MINDSCAPE?


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Testimonial from Mara de Witt (MindScape Student)

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Testimonial from Moshadi Mathosa (MindScape Student)


A client's Testimonial - The power of BodyTalk and MindScape 

A Bend in the Road by Ashley Dickson 2018

What started off as a little four-day journey for my Dad from the UK to Prague, to visit a poorly old friend who was undergoing chemo-treatment there, has turned out to be a longer adventure in life that could have been possibly imagined.  This 74-year-old one armed retiree, fell down a marble staircase which resulted in concussion from a broken skull, immediate intensive care where the leading neuro-doctor indicated little could be done except playing the waiting game, coma for 8 weeks, tracheotomy,  heart pacemaker fitted, repatriation to the UK intensive care, moved to the stroke unit after 2 months, then a halfway hospital for further rehabilitation before finally home 6 months later (almost a year after the accident) to be under the constant care of his wife whose day is centred around keeping the now emotionally vulnerable man safe, occupied and happy.

Since December 2016 at the time of the accident, Bruce has been re-learning all aspects of a normal life we take for granted… talking (all vocabulary, numbers etc.,), how to eat ‘normal’ foods, personal hygiene, choosing clothes for the day, how to read, how to use kitchen equipment and his computer etc.,  His short-term memory has been affected (he cannot remember how the oven works even after being shown umpteen times), with his incredible depth of knowledge of science/technology having been wiped out.  He gets incredibly tired easily, and uncomfortable in large groups of noise/people and although his speech becomes slurred with rambled and mixed up words, he has a huge sense of wonder at this big wide world he now finds himself in and every day he is very much continuing on his path to feeling whole in his own skin once more.

Bodytalk and the potential of Mindscape have supported Bruce on this journey no end, balancing an amazing array of aspects, to bring some peace to this now 74-year-old man’s heart and mind and body.  Physical aspects (headaches which blinded him for quite a while on his recovery; balance issues etc.,) as well as active memories/emotions held so deep within;  family matrix issues;  chakra energies/the elements with the 5 senses …to name but a few of the balances that were brought to the surface .  Bruce has been receiving regular distance Bodytalk sessions from 2 months after the accident date; he astounded many of the nurses, speech and language therapists, and physiotherapists as to his tenacity for wanting to push himself to ‘get better’ but also just how rapidly this re- learning has taken place.  There is no doubt that under the umbrella of BodyTalk that his recovery has lead him to be so ‘quickly’ where he is today from 16 months ago when he was in a coma….to pottering around barefoot in the garden on holiday under the South African sun…something none of his family dared to envisage in those early days. 

Immense gratitude and thanks for the on-going support that went above and beyond the realms of a Bodytalk Practitioner to Enid Fox, who finally met her client face to face in March 2018, after having treated him through distance healing for 14 months and been a large part of his recovery.  And to Dale Fox for teaching Mindscape to me a few years previously, which enabled me to meet my Dad through the skills she taught, even though being physically in a different country …the trips to the moon with him I shall never forget.

Ashley Dickson

March 2018